Mechanical linear actuators

SERVOMECH mechanical linear actuators are motorised mechanical cylinders designed and produced by SERVOMECH for industrial applications which require safe operation and linear motion control while moving, turning over or lifting a load.
The SERVOMECH range of linear actuators is composed of 6 series that differ in design, input drive and fixing type.

SERVOMECH electric linear actuators are divided into 6 Series, differentiated by the motor mounting position (motorized linear actuators with orthogonal, parallel and in-line motor), by the transmission control (worm screw linear actuators, belt drive linear actuators, linear actuators with bevel gear reducer), linear drive (trapezoidal screw linear actuators, ball screw linear actuators), type of fixing, accessories and position feedback (linear actuators with encoder, linear actuators with limit switches, linear actuators with potentiometer).
Servomech linear actuators are ideal for industrial applications and automation in general and are used in the most varied application sectors such as heavy mechanical applications, steel mills, sheet metal production and processing, pipes and tubes production, metal wire, marble and wood processing machines, stone, glass, printing and converting machines, renewable energy production both wind and solar plants, rubber and plastic production, telecommunications, naval and railway sectors. Also available for applications in the food and beverage industry.
Servomech electromechanical actuators are the right alternative to the use of hydraulic cylinders for all machine builders who are looking for higher productivity, greater efficiency and better performance, while reducing costs and saving energy.