Linearmech electromechanical actuators

LINEARMECH linear actuators are electromechanical cylinders designed and produced for industrial light duty applications or for highly automated applications. The LINEARMECH range of linear actuators is composed of 4 series that differ in design, input drive and fixing type.

LINEARMECH linear actuators are successfully used in industrial automation applications, linear motion systems, food industry (Food & Beverage), medical industry and surgery tables, railway and naval industry, construction and agricultural machinery, equipment and vehicles for the disabled people, woodworking machinery, marble, stone, glass, robotics, welding, packaging machines, printing machines, machine tools and in general in all applications that require a technological, reliable and quality product to perform a linear movement.
Linearmech high performance electromechanical servoactuators are the perfect solution for all machine builders who are looking for higher productivity, greater efficiency and better performance, while reducing costs and saving energy.