LMR Linearmech Series

Compact design linear actuators

Linearmech electromechanical linear actuators are easy-to-use and reliable products. Great and convenient alternative to the use of pneumatic cylinders recommended in case of medium to low speed application, intermittent duty cycle operation and self-locking requirement when load is applied, both pull or push load.

LINEARMECH LMR Series linear actuators are right angle design, DC motor always included. Acme screw drive. Input drive with worm gear.

LMR Series acme screw drive linear actuators:

3 standard sizes available
Acme screw from Ø 12 mm to Ø 16 mm
Linear speed up to 52 mm/s
Load capacity push-pull up to 6.000 N
Electric motors available: DC motors (12V, 24V, 36V)
IP rating IP65
Long life lubricated, maintenance free

Available accessories (*):
Integrated electric limit switches, easy set-up
Incremental pulse generator for position control
Stainless steel push rod

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(*) Always check with our technical support the feasibility of the required option and accessories