HSA Series

Linear actuators for high speeds and high loads
Alternative to hydraulic cylinders

Linear actuators designed and produced to perform high speeds and high loads with long service life.
Rear hinged attachments. Gleason bevel gear.
Lubrication with synthetic grease, gearbox long life lubricated. Fast and easy re-lubrication of the nut with “homing” position.

HSA Series ball screw drive linear actuators:

6 standard sizes available
Ball screw from Ø 25 mm to Ø 80 mm
Load capacity from 5 kN to 150 kN
Linear speed up to 1.500 mm/s
Standard stroke length up to 1.000 mm, special stroke length also available upon request
Performances with Duty Cycle Fi = 100 % over 10 min at ambient temperature 25 °C

Available accessories (*):
Proximity limit switches
Incremental or absolute encoder for positioning control
Prepared for IEC standard AC motors and brushless servomotors
Anti-turn device integrated system
Ball screw nut with integrated sealing system and grease nipple
Axial recirculation of the balls for a greater load capacity

(*) Always check with our technical support the feasibility of the required option and accessories