Bevel gearboxes

SERVOMECH bevel gearboxes are the result of an accurate and modern design technology and of the precise calculation of each single component and its assembling, which allows to ensure the declared performances with a high safety factor. Their development and production, totally “Made in Italy”, are carried out following the quality management procedures of SERVOMECH, certified company according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 norm. Bevel gears are made in high quality alloy steel, cut according to GLEASON spiroidal toothing system, casehardened, tempered and lapped in pairs. The accurate and consolidated manufacturing technology allows to produce bevel gears able to work with low noise level and with high efficiency.

Servomech bevel gearboxes are often used in lifting systems to connect screw jacks through shafts and joints and synchronize their lifting movement. Among the most common schemes there can be lay-outs with two, three or four lifting points. Servomech bevel gearboxes are used in modern lifting systems, with high performance and low energy consumption, in combination with oil-lubricated screw jacks with ball screws. Servomech bevel gearboxes can also be used in traditional lifting systems in combination with grease-lubricated acme screw jacks.