Ball screws and nuts

SERVOMECH manufactures ball screws using last generation technologies, starting from 3D modelling software, through in-process measuring instruments, up to CNC tool machines, kept continuously updated. This way, a high quality of products and services offered by SERVOMECH to its customers is guaranteed.
The production range of SERVOMECH ball screws is quite large, thanks to numerous combinations diameter – lead and the production process. Available on request: ball screws with ISO IT3 or IT5 accuracy grade, according to application requirements; ball nuts zero backlash or preloaded.

Servomech ball screws and nut are high performance linear drive systems. Ideal for industrial and automation applications in general, they are used in the most varied application sectors, such as machine tools and industrial machines, injection molding machines, presses, automatic production and assembly lines, assembly devices for electronic components, medical equipment and precision instruments. They can be used as positioning screws, integrated in systems which require great stiffness, high positioning accuracy and repeatability. Another use is as transport screws where they are used to move a specific load without particular positioning requirements. In addition to the vast production program available in the catalog, Servomech is also able to create customized products based on the customer’s specific application needs.