Ball screw jacks

The new range of Servomech ball screw jacks exceeds the application limits of traditional acme scre jacks. High linear speeds, operations up to continuous duty cycle, no wear of the nut, zero axial clearance, exact estimation of expected lifetime, halving of energy consumption and installed power.
Servomech screw jacks are able to work under either push or pull load, in different mounting positions (vertically upward / downward or horizontally).

Servomech ball screw jacks are ideal for industrial and automation applications in general and are used in the most varied application sectors such as heavy mechanical applications, steel mills, sheet metal production and processing, pipes and tubes production, metal wire, marble, wood, stone, glass processing machines, printing and converting machines, presses for rubber and plastic production, telecommunications, naval and railway sectors. Also available for applications in the food and beverage industry.
Servomech ball screw jacks are the right product for all machine builders who are looking for higher productivity, greater efficiency and better performance, while reducing costs and saving energy.