Performance with a green philosophy

29 September 2022

The issue of sustainability in Servomech has always played a crucial role, not only in the commitment to reducing environmental impact and energy consumption. Made in Servomech products stand as a green alternative to more energy-intensive and less efficient solutions such as hydraulic and pneumatic ones. Over the last few years, the company has invested heavily in new high efficiency and performance solutions capable of overcoming the application limits of more traditional solutions. The use of innovative products with these characteristics increases the value of the machinery and helps differentiate your product in the global competition scenario.

As part of the “5 Reasons To Go Electric” campaign, Servomech collects its latest generation products, developed to respond to these new market needs. This is demonstrated by the high efficiency and performance Servomech electromechanical cylinders, specially designed and built to maximize efficiency and performance. As electromechanical cylinders, they have the big advange of consuming energy during operations only. However thanks to their greater efficiency, they allow a greater savings with the installation of a lower powers.

Excellent results are also given by the electromechanical actuators with ball screw which combine the reduction unit with a linear drive ball screw. This solution allows to obtain a greater overall efficiency of the system, if compared to more traditional solution with acme screw. The increase in efficiency that can be obtained with a ball screw system is considerable. With the same performance requirements (speed and applied load), a ball screw system allows to obtain a reduction in installed power of approximately 45% – 50%. The benefits are therefore immediately evident. There will be lower initial costs for the construction of the machine or system thanks to a lower installed power. The machine will realize important savings throughout its life cycle thanks to a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Thanks to their characteristics, Servomech electromechanical cylinders are also particularly suitable for replacing hydraulic cylinders. They allow greater control of position, speed and applied force, with the possibility of performing high speeds and loads always under precise and accurate position control. Among the main strengths are also the positioning accuracy (in the order of a hundredth of a millimeter), the high and constant repeatability over time, as well as greater safety and reliability (there are no risks due to high pressures and no losses of oil). These cylinders are available in various mounting configurations to ensure total interchangeability with existing hydraulic cylinders.