Now online the new Linearmech Linear Servoactuators catalog

1 March 2023

Servomech confirms its vocation for innovation thanks to thirty years of experience and a totally in-house production, including the New SAM Series

Since its foundation in 1989, Servomech Group has stood out for its ability to innovate and be ahead of the times, soon becoming an important international supplier of linear actuators with acme and ball screw, ball screw jacks, acme screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, ball screws and nuts.
Among the most innovative products, the new SAM Series expands the range of Linearmech electromechanical servoactuators, a brand focused on automation and mechatronics, as a real alternative to pneumatic cylinders. The new SAM Series is natively compatible with third party servomotors available on the market, giving designers the freedom to choose the desired motor and drive based on their specific needs. Now available with both parallel motor and in-line motor mounting, these innovative cylinders best combine the needs of ever higher performance and higher plant productivity, with competitive industrial costs and are ideal for applications that require high dynamics, high precision and positioning repeatability and long-term reliability. All cylinders are equipped with high precision ball screws, internally produced by Servomech; they are distinguished by their low inertia and the absence of backlash and ensure high position control.
The new SAM Series is characterized by a high performance mechanical linear unit from Servomech, already extensively tested in the SA IL and SA PD series, electromechanical servoactuators complete with brushless servomotor. 7 different standard sizes are available, with linear speeds up to 1,500 mm/s and peak forces up to 46kN. All servoactuators are supplied with a wide range of mounting elements according to the ISO 15552 standard for pneumatic cylinders for total and simple installation and interchangeability.

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