Press Review May-July 2023

8 September 2023
The Italian press continues to pay attention toward Servomech! Read the May-July press review and contact us for more information. Download

Now online the new catalogue for HSA Series linear actuators

27 June 2023
With the new HSA Series, acronym of "High Speed Actuators", Servomech presents an innovative range of linear actuators specially designed and built to perform high linear speeds associated with high loads, under the always precise and accurate control of the position. Download here the comple...

Choices that make the difference

7 June 2023
Innovation as a business philosophy: for Servomech to be ahead of the times is a winning formula demonstrated in over thirty years of activity. Read more in the article published in the magazine "Il Progettista Industriale". Progettista industriale - Maggio 2023Download

Now online the new 3D configurator for Linearmech Servoactuators

5 May 2023
Servomech continues to develop the internationalization process by including the new SAM Series Linearmech Servoactuators in the 3D configurator integrated into the website, promoting awareness of its product range and the assembly of an increasingly customizable offer After the introduction ...

Press Review January – April 2023

2 May 2023
Servomech January - April 2023 press review presents an overview of the news and articles published about the company during the first four months of the current year.Read the review! Download

Online the innovative catalog for ball screw jacks made in Servomech

12 April 2023
High efficiency, high linear speed, up to continuous duty cycle, low energy consumption. The ideal combination for higher plant productivity, between increasingly higher performance and competitive costs. The new catalog for ball screw jacks is now available. Among the main news, important ex...

Now online the new Linearmech Linear Servoactuators catalog

1 March 2023
Servomech confirms its vocation for innovation thanks to thirty years of experience and a totally in-house production, including the New SAM Series Since its foundation in 1989, Servomech Group has stood out for its ability to innovate and be ahead of the times, soon becoming an important int...

The story of Servomech, craftsmen of excellence with an industrial vision

24 February 2023
“There are ideas that anticipate the times and, over time, are capable of making a difference. Ideas destined to break the status-quo. Ideas that help redesign the markets and create a business from scratch that gives birth to new businesses.” Servomech since its origi...

Performance with a green philosophy

29 September 2022
The issue of sustainability in Servomech has always played a crucial role, not only in the commitment to reducing environmental impact and energy consumption. Made in Servomech products stand as a green alternative to more energy-intensive and less efficient solutions such as hydraulic and pneum...

New solutions for Servomech ball screw jacks

10 May 2022
Considering an advanced industrial context, where more and more frequently the need for high speeds and continuous operations, as well as load and positioning control, the designers evaluate with great interest solutions with higher performances, easier to control (position, load and speed), and...

News on 3D configurator: Servomech acme screw jacks now available

18 October 2021
Always looking at new and smarter way to expand the user experience of our products to the widest public, we add a new section on the on-line 3D configurator with all the sizes available at catalogue of Servomech acme screw jacks. This is in fact an implementation of the existing on-line conf...

Press review September-December 2021

7 February 2022
Gli articoli apparsi sulle principali testate nazionali nell’ultimo semestre testimoniano come Servomech non sia soltanto un’azienda che comunica, ma anzi che ha qualcosa da comunicare e che i media considerano come interlocutore di riferimento nel settore. In un momento storico in cui il r...

Press review January-June 2021

27 July 2021
It was a very intense period, characterized by a great commitment to the design and implementation of important innovations, a springboard towards a future increasingly characterized by an international presence. All this thanks to the quality of the made in Servomech products and the services o...

The new QR Code allows faster access to product information

21 April 2021
We are called to deal with a market where information travels fast and knowing how to communicate it quickly, when it is needed, represents a great benefit. The industrial sector no longer asks only for products, but also for more articulated and at the same time immediate experience, which expl...

Next generation lifting systems

7 April 2021
Considering an advanced industrial context, where more and more frequently the need for high speeds and continuous operations, as well as load and positioning control, the designers evaluate with great interest solutions with higher performances, easier to control (position, load and speed), and...

Servomech renews the Quality Certification

8 March 2021
A confirmation at the beginning of February, the renewal of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the Servomech Group, since 1989 designing and manufacturing linear actuators with acme screw and ball screw, ball screw jacks, acme screw jacks, bevel gearboxes and ball screws and nuts. A cer...

Experience and innovation with the new 3D configurator

1 July 2020
Control of production processes, technology, efficiency and technical support are our key factors. Among the novelties of our new website, we want to focus today on the new configurator for linear actuators. A new tool online to find your product faster, always with Servomech expertise a...

Next to the future: our five reasons to go electric

29 June 2020
Get close to market needs, always looking for higher productivity, better efficiency and performances with Servomech high performances linear actuators, the right alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. One of the strengths that have always characterized Servomech is the consta...