New solutions for Servomech ball screw jacks

10 May 2022

Considering an advanced industrial context, where more and more frequently the need for high speeds and continuous operations, as well as load and positioning control, the designers evaluate with great interest solutions with higher performances, easier to control (position, load and speed), and able to guarantee a competitive advantage in terms of quality and quantity of the work performed.

Based on this evolution, Servomech promotes a new concept in lifting systems, with an innovative approach, focused on the application of its high-performance ball screw jacks, with brushless motors and related drives and controls. Customers and designers are free to choose the brand of motors and drives they prefer.

Among the innovations implemented by Servomech, a universal motor interface is now available to be combined with the range of ball screw jacks, thus allowing to combine the high performance mechanics of Servomech with the servomotors of the main brands in trade. The new interfaces for brushless servomotors), like the whole range of Servomech products, are always made inside Servomech factory in Anzola dell’Emilia (Bologna) and are available as standard components with a great advantage in terms of faster delivery times and competitive costs.

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