Experience and innovation with the new 3D configurator

1 July 2020

Control of production processes, technology, efficiency and technical support are our key factors.

Among the novelties of our new website, we want to focus today on the new configurator for linear actuators. A new tool online to find your product faster, always with Servomech expertise and technical support. Customers and designers can immediately complete the configuration and download the 3D and 2D models from the website.

Quality, efficiency and customization are the key factors of Servomech. Thanks to high quality internal production, Servomech can provide a total control during all the production process and a constant quality over the time. Thanks to our utmost production flexibility, we are always available to support ur customers with product customization to meet the specific application needs.

A real made in Italy with high added value, that sees our company operating in the most industrialized countries over the world thanks to a widespread sales networks organization. , Our goal is to establish a close relationship with customers, understand their application needs, and provide technical support with our highly qualified and trained personnel, in order to achieve reliable, competitive and long life linear applications.

Total quality goes hand in hand with innovation: for some time now we have been promoting Servomech electromechanical solutions compared to traditional hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Always paying attention to issues such as energy saving and reducing the environmental impact, offering modern and high-technological solutions. Among the advantages, better efficiency with reduced energy consumption, exact position, speed and force control, precise position repeatability, safety and reliability, lower installation and maintenance costs.

Try our 3D Configurator now!