The new QR Code allows faster access to product information

21 April 2021

We are called to deal with a market where information travels fast and knowing how to communicate it quickly, when it is needed, represents a great benefit. The industrial sector no longer asks only for products, but also for more articulated and at the same time immediate experience, which explains the benefits associated with the proposal and its application.

Precisely with this in mind, Servomech has adopted the application of a QR Code on each product: by framing it, you can directly access the page of the website where the latest updated versions of the Use and Maintenance Manuals can be downloaded for all Servomech products.

To reference on the manuals during the commissioning of a product allows you to avoid the most common errors, fully exploit all the potential features of the product and guarantee technicians, installers and designers a complete user experience.

The QR Code on products makes the consultation of the User and Maintenance Manuals even simpler and more intuitive not only for Italian customers, but for customers all over the world: all the documentation is available Italian, English and German.

A new way of conveying information to face a more and more technologically advanced and competitive market, in which the quality of a products also passes through the formula in which it is communicated.

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