Next to the future: our five reasons to go electric

29 June 2020

Get close to market needs, always looking for higher productivity, better efficiency and performances with Servomech high performances linear actuators, the right alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

One of the strengths that have always characterized Servomech is the constant attention to the needs of the market: machine manufacturers are always looking for higher productivity, better efficiency and performances, while reducing costs and with greater attention to energy consumption. Among our objectives, one of the most significant is therefore to provide our customers with innovative solutions, capable of leading the times. With this in mind, since 2015 we have been carrying out the “Five Reasons To Go Electric” campaign: electromechanical cylinders as the real alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic ones. Among the many advantages: reducing the energy consumption and saving money thanks to the easier installation and less maintenance required; precise and accurate control of position, speed and force. Not least, the improvement in overall performance and efficiency, high precision and repeatability of positioning, centralized management of production processes and the elimination of problems such as noise and environmental pollution.

Due to their design and implementation, the new Servomech electromechanical cylinders are more efficient products with lower energy consumptions. This result was achieved thanks to the attainment of higher efficiency, aspect that allows installing lower powers and consuming energy during the operation only. Another distinguishing peculiarity is the higher control of position/speed/force, i.e. the possibility of performing high speeds and loads under the precise and accurate position control. Among the main strongholds, worth signaling also the positioning precision in the order of hundredth of mm, the very high repeatability, constant in time, besides better safety and reliability: there are no risks caused by the high pressures and no oil leaks. Moreover, it is possible to receive the exact documented calculation of the service life of components. Servomech cylinders are available in various assembling configurations, for a total interchangeability with the existing hydraulic cylinders. These new solutions assure also lower installation and maintenance costs and they can be implemented in special executions, designed according to customers’ specific requirements. Finally, since only the cables for the power supply and the signal transmission are necessary, also connections are simpler and, certainly not negligible aspect, long periods of inactivity and missing maintenance can go by without affecting their readiness for use.

Servomech high performance electromechanical cylinders consist of 3 main series, acme and ball screw drive, in-line, parallel or right-angle motor, load capacity up to 600 kN.

Since the foundation in 1989, all Servomech products are totally made inside our factory in Anzola dell’Emilia (Bologna), Italy. From raw materials to high quality finished products, Servomech takes care of the process, using state-of-the-art CNC machines expression of the most up-to-date technologies in the production field. High quality internal production allows Servomech to grant a total control during all the production process and a constant quality over the time. This aso enable us to reach the utmost production flexibility, also available for product customization to meet your specific needs.