SERVOMECH S.p.a. designs and manufactures a wide range of acme and ball screw linear actuators, ball screw jacks, acme screw jacks, bevel gears, ball screws and nuts.

Since the foundation in 1989, all Servomech products are totally made inside our factory in Anzola dell’Emilia (Bologna), Italy. From raw materials to high quality finished products, Servomech takes care of the process, using state-of-the-art CNC machines expression of the most up-to-date technologies in the production field.
This is our “Made in Italy”.

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Internal production

High quality internal production, total control during all the production process, constant quality over the time.

Extreme production flexibility, also available for product customization to meet your specific needs.

Technical support

Our goal is to establish a close relationship with customers, understand their application needs, and provide technical support with our highly qualified and trained personnel, in order to achieve reliable, competitive and long life linear applications.

30 years of linear motion

Since 1989, we work hard with commitment and passion in developing solutions to improve the applications of our customers. Today we proudly put at your service our application experience and excellence achieved with many successes in 30 years.


Servomech has obtained the quality certification of its production system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards. This is an international recognition related to the entire company quality system, whose achievement testifies to the company’s commitment and propensity to constantly improve the products and services offered. The first certification of the Servomech quality system dates back to the year 2000.

Scarica documentoSERVOMECH – ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

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Servomech trademark products are linear actuators, screw jacks, ball screws and nuts, bevel gears designed and produced for medium to heavy industrial applications. Available in a wide range of sizes, with different designs and configurations, Servomech products are able to perform even high loads and high linear speeds. Successfully applied in several heavy mechanical applications and in the
replacement of hydraulic cylinders.

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Linearmech trademark products are linear actuators and electromechanical servo actuators designed and produced for medium and light industrial applications or for highly automated industrial applications. Different types of actuators, with different performance levels. Linearmech cylinders are successfully applied in industrial applications and automation, food industry, medical industry, construction equipment and agricultural machinery, marine applications, vehicle automation for disabled and in the replacement of pneumatic cylinders.

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Servomech is present in all major industrialized countries with a sales organization able to support the customer in product selection.
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All the products are supplied with a Test Certificate and can be identified by the serial number to guarantee correct execution in the event of spare parts even after many years.
Each SERVOMECH product is supplied with an identification plate that allows it to be identified completely, as well as providing specific information on the product itself.
Standard product warranty is 12 months. Available upon request the extension of product warranty up to 3 years.
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All supplies effected by Servomech S.p.a. are governed exclusively by the following general terms of sales. Any clause or condition that may be established by the buyer is null if in contrast with the following terms and if not expressly undersigned by ourselves. For anything not expressly envisaged, current Italian law shall hold, also for goods sold abroad.

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