High performance servoactuators
The right alternative to pneumatic cylinders

Linearmech electromechanical servo-actuators with brushless servomotors are a powerful alternative to the use of pneumatic cylinders in case of high dynamics (high speed, acceleration and deceleration, frequent back and forth inversion of the movement), precise positioning and high energy efficiency.

Characterized by sturdy and compact structure, the Linearmech servo-actuators adopt fully innovative solutions, ranking in the high-end segment of automation components. All internal parts have been purposely studied and designed to operate under conditions of high dynamics: high linear speeds, low inertia of components, extreme positioning precision and repeatability, reliability and long service life.
Integrated ball screw drive, manufactured by Servomech. Wide range of fixing elements according to the ISO 15552 standard of pneumatic cylinders, for a total and simple interchangeability with the existing pneumatic cylinders.

Modular structure, in-line or parallel design configuration. Available with a complete servomotor package or the mechanical linear unit only with customized motor interface for servomotors of the main brands on trade.
The LINEARMECH range of electromechanical servo actuators consists of three families: SA PD Series, SA IL Series and SAM Series.

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