Electromechanical cylinders
The right alternative to hydraulic cylinders

Heavy duty electromechanical cylinders from Servomech are the right alternative to the use of hydraulic cylinders: high linear speed even at high loads, precise control of positioning, speed and force, less energy consumption and lower installation costs.

Servomech electromechanical cylinders are available with high precision ball screw and acme screw drive. High linear speed even at
high loads, improved efficiency by reducing energy consumption, better control of position, speed and force, great positioning accuracy and repeatability are only some of the reasons that make them the right alternative to hydraulic cylinders. Also available on different assembly configurations for a total interchangeability with the existing hydraulic units.
SERVOMECH heavy duty electromechanical cylinders consist of 3 main series: ATL and BSA Series, ILA Series, HSA Series.

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