SAM IL - SAM PD Baureihe

Linear servoactuators with servomotors mounting interface

Linear servoactuators with universal interface for the assembly of third party servomotors.

High precision ball screw drive, low inertia and zero backlash, extreme positioning control, excellent for applications with high dynamics and high linear speeds.

Powerful alternative to the use of pneumatic cylinders in case of high dynamics (high speed, acceleration and deceleration, frequent back and forth inversion of the movement), precise positioning and low energy consumption.

Modular structure
In-line or parallel motor mounting configuration
Motor mounting with universal interface
7 standard sizes available
Ball screw from Ø 12 mm a Ø 40 mm
Load capacity up to 46 kN
Linear speed up to 1.500 mm/s

SAM IL Series linear servoactuators with in-line motor:

Motor assembly on the mechanical linear unit with bell housing and torsionally rigid clamping coupling for a better control and precision in movement.
Motor mounting with universal interface.

SAM PD Series linear servoactuators with parallel motor:

Transmission of motion driven by high performance, efficiency and accuracy timing belt.
Motor mounting with universal interface.

Available accessories:
Electric limit switches
Wide range of fixing elements (ISO standards 15552)