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Linear actuators and screw jacks for industrial applications.

Electromechanical linear actuators acme screw execution with efficiency and performances up to 30% higher than competitors products. Performances: pushing or pulling loads, lifting loads or tilting loads.

  • Simple performance condition on-off [usual mechanical applications];
  • positioning accuracy [applications with feedback positioning controls];
  • linear motion controls in the automation field with speeds and acceleration ramps, A.C. motor with frequency converter drives or brushless servomotors.
Ball screw linear actuators performing with a duty cycle up to 100%, continuous performing. Heavy duty linear actuators with performances up to 150kN.

Screw jacks - mechanical actuators - acme screw or ball screw executions. The total efficiency and performances capacity are almost 20% higher than the most qualified competitors standard screw jacks.

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Linear actuators for low duty applications.

Acme screw electromechanical linear actuators with D.C. or A.C. motors attractive in performances and price.
Recommended for the following application fields:
  • standard mechanical applications with pulling, pushing or tilting loads;
  • industrial floor-washing machines and street-washing machines;
  • agricultural machines, hay balers, spraying machines;
  • fitness and wellness equipments;
  • medical applications like dentists chairs, X-rays machines, surgery beds;
  • disabled or elderly people care equipments;

 and whenever it takes a quality product with a good price.

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