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.: 09/09/2013
Screw jacks with integrated ball screw and nut: new patented system

The new range of Servomech mechanical jacks for high-performance MA BS Series is designed with an innovative patented lubrication system of the nut with large lubrication chamber.
Servomech is the only manufacturer of mechanical jacks with an internal production of ball screws and nuts.

The native integration of ball screw and nut within the body of the mechanical jack allows the achievement of higher performances, positioning accuracy and rigidity with compact solutions in dimensions.

The advantages: immediate cost savings thanks to an efficient optimization of product and performance, higher load capacity with the same size, greater rigidity of the structure due to the native integration of components.

8 different sizes to cover a wide range of performances
Load capacity from 5 kN to 350 kN
Ball screw diameter from 16 to 100 mm
Input speed up to 3000 rpm
Linear speed up to 285 mm/s



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